Hire a Cheapest Car in Finland, A Land of a Thousand Lakes

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Finland is a country in Northern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Sweden to the west. With an area of 338000 square kilometers, Finland is the eighth largest nation in the European Group of countries. The estimated population of the country is 5.4 million which makes it the most thinly inhabited nation in European Union. The country is known for its well-organized, yet modern small towns.

The key attraction of Finland cities is its intact nature. It has around 188,000 lakes and equal number of islands. In the northern region of the nation, you will see Northern Lights during winter and the midnight sun during summer days. During summer, the river shrinks within its banks, which is the best time for you to hire a car and enjoy your ride near the bank of the rivers. The sandy beaches in the country are another great place to explore and experience the clean nature and its wonderment’s.

Drive on the Icy Roads of Finland with Our Car Rental Service

Finland is a frontrunner on social and economic front. There exists many remote places in the country and at the same time there are modern cities like Helsinki, the capital of Finland, who offset the huge wilderness of the East and North, such as Lemmenjoki National Park and Oulanka National Park. The Vantaa River in the Helsinki is one of the holiday relaxation treasures and most charismatic place to visit in the country. In Finland, there is abundant fishing, swimming and barbecuing to have fun with before you move ahead for the next destination. Finland bursts into festivals and cheer when beaches are sunny. You can rent a wooden cottage near the river bank and enjoy the spotless summer sun and eternal peace. Finland boasts of the fastest formula drivers and rally, cleanest nature on the planet, the biggest ferries, shiny greeneries, fun-filled summer activities, the biggest snow castles and the origins of Santa Claus.Independent, honest and friendly – the Finnish are impressive people in an awe-inspiring nation.

Traveler’s Guide to Finland

  • Driving is on the right-hand side and the road network is in the excellent condition. The motorways and city roads are well-maintained and convenient for the drivers. However, you need to keep eyes on the road to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t hit any animal while it is crossing road.
  • The road signs are in international symbols, and use Finnish phrases at times. Distance is always shown in Kilometers.
  • If you’re visiting the country anytime from December to February, make sure the vehicle you hire has snow tires. Keep your vehicle’s headlight ON during dusk, rain and foggy weather.
  • Don’t use mobile phones while driving on Finnish roads, it is strictly prohibited.
  • It is easy to find fuel stations in Finland near both the urban and suburb areas.
  • The speed limits are 50 Km/h for city roads, 80-100 Km/h for provincial roads and 120 Km/h for national highways and motorways. The cost of fuel is bit expensive than the cost in other EU countries.
  • The permitted alcohol limit in the blood is 0.08 percent while self-driving on the roads. The police run regular checks on the roads and charge heavy fines to the offenders.
  • Wearing seat belts is compulsory in Finland and it is wise to carry your passport, driving license, vehicle’s current insurance and rental document, if you have hired the vehicle, at all the time with you.
  • Helsinki, Lapland, Aland Island and Southern Finland are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the country who can make your journey a life time memorable experience.
  • We offer car hire service to all across the country including Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Rovaniemi, Jyvaskyla, Kuopio, Vantaa, Lahti, Oulu and Vaasa.

So, get started and book a car of your choice before you land to Finland!

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